Thursday, December 31, 2009

I would like to wish you for the year 2010

Year 2009 is over, and it's the time to the year 2010.

Before the new year,
  • Try to think/find-out what you have done and didn't
  • Try to figure out what others done for you to make you happy
  • Try to forget what others done to make you sad
  • Try to forgive who made you sad.

In the year 2010, try to do the best for you and for the society while you live .

"Aim to the top. It's less crowded there" (-I found this quote from a teacher. It's hard, It's easy if you have an aim/target)

There is a bad person and a good person inside everyone's body. Bad person is a negative/lazy thinker and always see the negative side of the everything. Good person is the positive thinker and always try to figure-out the positive side of the everything and isn't lazy. So, try to live with the good person if you need to make your life success.

I would like to wish you to have a happy, prosperous, successful year 2010 with your loved-ones. Hope it will be a memorable and successful year than the year 2009.

PS: there could be some mistakes. Please forgive me and help me to correct them.

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