Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The future computer in 10 years of time

Here is a article which I have written for a discussion forum of our BIT website.


Imagine that you need to order a computer in 10 years time for your personal use. What type of a computer would you expect to have by then. If you see it different from the current PCs, just indicate why you foresee such a change.


I think the computers in 10 years of time will be very different than now. People will think about the protection of their data and availability of data. So, people will prefer to use “on line storage” than storing the files on a Hard disk drive. So, no need to use hard disks with high memory capacity. So, manufacturers will make computers without a hard disk. Most of the time, computer will be having only a “web browser” and all the softwares will be installed in the Internet. (currently google tries to do so and “Chrome-OS” will be play more role on it) Then no need to pay for the operating system and softwares because a flat rate of subscription will provide every software needs. What it means is the Internet will be essential to day to day life. So, ever computer will be having inbuilt “High speed data devices” to access to the Internet.

As a result of people live in a very busy, and communication world, people will use “Laptop” computers than now. It will help them to live their mobile life very easily. Manufacturers will make more powerful laptop computers with low weight to easily carry everywhere. “Nuclear cell” batteries will be provide more accurate electricity/current for a long time.

Now, it's not a fiction a computer without a keyboard because Apple Inc has announced a model of a computer without a keyboard. User could type using an “on-screen keyboard” from the movement of his/her eyes. Then no need to type by hand. Then the computer will only be a Screen. By 10 years time, the computer monitor will be a thin paper which could keep inside the pocket.

Artificial intelligence is the main idea of the 5th generation computers. By 10 years of time people will be able to use computer by Voice. Then no need to type anymore and people who blind could use a computer without any difficulties. People could spend their time by talking with the computer when they are lonely. Computer will be provide advices to the user when needed.

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