Tuesday, June 9, 2009

sms broke my english

i used my mobile more than 2 years and it gets 3years on 19th july.
iv typed more than 100sms per month on 1st year and it becomes 0sms per month now. but whats the wrong with my english? when i write english, i write words like i type a sms w/o vowels. when i try to use vowels, i mistype them than before and use dictionary or google to find the correct word.
and another 1 thing. grammer also broken due to sms.
thnx u sms.
- roshan herath

gmail has a cool feature

i found gmail forward emails to an email address runs equal with equal letters, if there is an email to an unused email address.
what a fantastic feature it is?
i get emails that sends to my gmail and another gmails which equals to my gmail and runs with dots included.
then i tried to log-in-to those address with my gmail password. it logs me into my gmail.
its a good feature coz it prevents ppl frm misspelling gmail addresses.
- roshan herath

Monday, June 8, 2009

photographs and studios in sri lanka.

i had to get 6passport sized photographs for my class application. so, i went to gelioya town to get my photos because its the nearest town to my home.so i asked frm the girl who was in the studio to get photos. she told me i could get printed photos on thursday. hehe. it gets 7days to print my photos. there r several places to print photos on1hour. then went 2another place and he told me i could get photos on monday.
- roshan herath