Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How networking helps to a bank ...

this is an another post of mine for our LMS forum...

Banking System needs a very good network with its every branch. If not, customers couldn't deposit or withdraw money from everywhere in the island and they will have to go to the branch that they opened their accounts when they needs to deposit or withdraw money. because every branch is connected to each other, customers wouldn't face to any difficult when banking for their needs and they can do their banking needs at any branch in the island. It means , if anyone borrowed any loan from any branch, he or she could pay it using any branch of the bank.

If there's a bank without the network, customers never come to that bank to do their banking needs, because if any customer done any banking with any branch, he or she should come to that particular branch to do the rest of their banking. It makes the customer unhappy.

Keeping the customer happy and making their works too easy , attracts more customers to the business.
Networking helps to ease the management of the bank by a central location.

If there is a natural disaster or something occurred and if any branch becomes faulty and out-of-service, customers could use another branch to do their banking needs.

So, networking is essential to the banking system in Sri-Lanka.

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