Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pros and Cons of the HTML

this is an another post of mine for our LMS-forum...

HTML stands for "Hyper Text Markup Language" and it's widely spread all around the web.

there are many advantages of HTML and I think there aren't too many disadvantages.


  • We can use HTML mixed with scripting languages like JavaScript.
  • HTML is easier to learn (for me)
  • HTML could be read using many programs like email clients, web browsers and many.
  • Runs on the client side. So, we could view the source using a web-browser.
  • Universal, versatile and free to use.
  • Supports to multiple platforms. ( doesn't matter if that HTML page was created using a Windows PC or a MAC, that page runs well on Linux as well.)
  • Could be read using even a text mode web-browser.
  • Easy to read by the Search Engines.
  • Many scripting languages like php needed to use HTML. (when creating forms using php we couldn't do it using just php and HTML helps to the scene to make easier the creation of the form)
  • No need to install anything in to the client PC although it runs in the client side.
  • Lightweight. (html pages are consists from texts and because of that reason the pages are very small in size)so it's easy to upload and download. (in to the server and from the server)
Disadvantages ( I think there aren't too many disadvantages of HTML)
  • HTML is far behind than other languages because it's "Static" language.
  • Couldn't used for Database connectivity.
  • Couldn't create Dynamic pages using just HTML only. need to mix some other scripting languages with it to create dynamic pages.
  • Lack of security. But it doesn't matter because other scripting languages help it and never used (HTML only) for any secure web pages.
  • need to create several pages when distributing. It means there will be several/many files. (we could distribute as one file for everything when using a programming language)

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