Friday, October 9, 2009

how to read unicode fonts in opera mini.

most people use their mobile phone to access the internet. most of them prefer opera mini instead of inbuilt browser which comes with phone.
but when we read any page which written in unicode fonts, we'll see black squares instead of unicode fonts other than normal fonts.
operaMINI solved the problem now.
simply type about:config in address bar and select 'yes' in 'use bitmap fonts for complex scripts' and save it.
you've done


  1. i used opera mini 4.2 to use this feature and don't know about support of the earlier versions.

    when loading unicode fonts it will show squares. we can see the actual fonts after loading full page in the browser.
    but it will charge the data depending on your isp. (operamini uses more data to render unicode fonts.)

  2. posted via mobile phone using operamini4.2

  3. Thank u roshan. Now i am able to see the unicode fonts in opera mini. Thank u very much :-)

  4. @மதுரைக்காரன்
    you welcome

  5. Dear Roshan,
    I use Opera Mobile 10.0. But I couldn't see any commands like "bitmap fonts for complex scripts". Can u help me please??

  6. Thanks for the info man.. :)

    cheek this site it helpful
    yared from ethiopia