Saturday, October 19, 2013

recover the boot loader and start the computer - Super Grub Disk

Threre are several operating systems in the world and most of them are far differ from the other. It's useful if we have different operating systems. But, how could we buy two computers to install that operating systmes. It's no need to own two computers anymore. 

try to install both operating systems on one computer as dual boot. If you need to use the operating system , you need to boot the system using the desired operating system. Using VMWARE or VIRTUAL-BOX helps to use one operating system inside the another operating system, but we can't feel the real power of the operating system when we run one opearting system inside another.

If you have installed two operating systems in to one computer (may be on laptop or desktop) you need to ensure that the boot loader is installed properly. so, you need to install the latest operating system just after installing the previous version. If you installed windows xp after installing windows 7 or windows 7 after windows 8, it will overwrite the boot loader and will hide the operating system previously installed.

Anotherthing is when you installed any linux distro and if you installed windows operating system on to a partition in the computer, it will simply hide the linux operating system and boots in to windows. but this will not effect to dual boot systems if the both operating systems are linux because linux identifies other linux operating systems well.

if you lost any of the operating system after installing the second operating system, you could use "Super Grub Disk" to recover the boot loader. it could be use to boot the computer using a Live USB or CD.  no need to install anything, just select the desired menu to find the boot loader list and boot in to the latest operating system and then repair the boot loader. it will ensure the boot loader is installed properly.

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