Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bank of Ceylon launches another “first” in Sri Lanka- 3G Savings. First Sri Lankan Bank to provide a facility for saving as you shop and spend.

In celebration of its 74th Anniversary, the Bank of Ceylon, in August 2013, launched “3G Savings”- A novel experience and another “first” in the Sri Lankan market.

This unique product “BOC 3 G Savings” allows a customer to link three generations of a customer’s family (the “3G’ concept) -customer’s parents, children and him/herself and to save when the customer shops and spends. This allows a customer to save and set aside money to care for a customer’s loved ones.


This specific feature could be activated to a customer’s account through any BOC branch and customers could make a deposit from their current or savings accounts to any BOC Ran Kekulu Children’s savings account, BOC Senior Citizens account or any other BOC savings account. Any customer who maintains a savings or current account with BOC and possesses a BOC Debit Card is eligible to register for this unique facility. This unique product gives the opportunity to care their parents and as well as their kids as they shop with BOC Debit Card. This is a concept of “savings while spending” and facilitates the customer to make a savings build up for their children or to make some money available for parents, without much effort and burden to their pocket and as well as with their busy schedule finding time to visit a branch to make a deposit.

This novel concept has been introduced by Bank of Ceylon, Asia’s Best Brand and Sri Lanka’s No 1 Bank to care your loved ones as you shop with BOC Debit Card. Brand Finance Lanka ranked Bank of Ceylon as the No.1 brand for the last five consecutive years and the bank is also ranked among the top 1000 banks in the world above all other Sri Lankan banks (country ranking is No.1) by “The Banker” magazine UK in 2013. BOC has penetrated half of the population in the country with 10 million account holders with over 1,000 customer touch points covering all parts of the country. Bank of Ceylon is the only bank in Sri Lanka with an asset base of over Rs.1 trillion and is the market leader in the banking and financial services sector in Sri Lanka.

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