Friday, April 16, 2010

An interview with a journalist...(dream)

I thought to write about a dream that I've seen on last-week
a journalist came to meet me to do an interview on myself for their magazine. here are the conversation that happened between us.

Hello sir. could you please tell me your full name?
Why should I tell you my name as you know my name?

Ok. tell me about your school
I didn't go to any school and I have attended to a college.

could you tell me your age?
of course. I'm 23 years old.

what did you do for sports when you schooling?
I've done running events, football and many other sports.

what are the running events you've involved in?
it's simply running when a dog barking on me.

how was the support that you got from your wife to be a successful person?
She agrees with everything what I say her to do and she tries to complete it on the level best of her.

It says both of you badly loves each other?

But we know, your wife works as the MD at Then how could she find free-time to help you?
I don't know a wife like that. Did I say I'm married?

If you didn't marry, how could there be a wife ?
Oh. you've got it wrong. My wife is my PC because she knows every secret of me and never tells those secrets to anyone.

I think you are playing with me?
no. I don't play with you.

what did you do for become so famous around the world?
I didn't do anything to be famous. I think you've made a mistake.

are you Mr.XYZ ?
no. he is in the next house..

Oh no! I'm sorry sir.
It's OK. I've enjoyed it well. thanks.

sorry for the grammar/spelling mistakes in this post.

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