Friday, March 26, 2010

Design your blogger template by yourself

I found something new when I roaming in the internet. It's which helps to design more creative blogger templates than before as our wish.
I think if you are a blogger at blogger/blogspot ( you could remember there was a limited number of templates to use inside blogger from the scratch. If we need to use another template, we had to find a good template and had to do many changes to use it under blogger/blogspot.

now blogger/blogspot gives us a new template designer by themselves. Try using url and crate your own template. If you are in doubt , simply log in to and change "www" with the word "draft".
Then you will see a page saying " make blogger in draft my default Dashboard". It's your choice to decide your default dashboard. You can ignore it..

Then click on the "layout" link of your blog.
You'll see an additional link saying "template designer". Click on it and go to the page. You'll find many valuable features to change/edit your template. If you have done somthing wrong , there is a link to "reset" the edits to default. You could see a preview while you doing changes to the template. (template designer shows the place which we do our changes by highligting them at the "bottom" of the page.

Then click on the "view blog" to see how could you see the blog and click on the "APPLY TO BLOG" if you satisfy with your template.


  1. Sinhala Translation :

    ඔබේ blogger template එක ඔබම හදාගන්න.