Sunday, November 1, 2009

Don't you like to get free outgoing calls from SLT-Mobitel(+9471) to Dialog(+9477) at Sri Lanka.

Last saturday I found a uncommon thing when I make a call to a friend of mine. I'll explain how it happened.

I made a call to a friend of mine while waiting for a bus with another friend of mine. Me and the friend who with me at the bus stop talked about formatting a computer while ringing the phone. When he answer the phone I didn't tell anything about formatting a computer and I asked him to meet me at bus stop. After meeting the second friend, he asked whose computer we are hoping to format.

I asked how did he know about formatting the PC and he replied before he answer the phone, he heard what we talked with each other. Then we asked how it happened. Then, he told when he get a call from a Mobitel number, sometimes he hear the sounds in the other side before answering the phone and while ringing the phone with the ring-tone.

Then we wanted to test it. I made a call to friends dialog number and I waled some distance, and made talked something while ringing the phone. Then we tried it other side. Both times we heard what other people say while ringing the phone.

Then , after coming home, I tested it with my mothers phone, but I didn't heard anything from other-side. What's the reason to work it only with some numbers and not to work with other numbers? But I can talk with my friend without answering the phone.

Try it out …..

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