Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to mount an .iso image on Linux

How to mount an .iso image on Linux

When we use CD/DVD images to burn into a CD/DVD, normally we can't see the files which included inside the CD/DVD without burning them into a CD/DVD. IF you use Linux
Operating System, you never need to burn the .iso file into a CD/DVD to see the files inside the .iso image file.

At first you must have the root user. You can simply do it by typing su on basic linux terminal window ( if you use *buntu system you can type sudo instead of su ) and providing the correct password. Then the prompt will change to the root user.
Then make a directory in /media folder to mount iso files. ( in most linux distros /media is the place which mount CD/DVD. )

Syntax : mkdir /media/folder_name
folder_name should be the name of the folder which used to mount iso files.

Then mount the CD/DVD iso images into the folder which we created before.

Syntax : mount image_file path_to_the_folder -t iso9660 -o loop

image_file is the name of the iso file with the path and .iso extention
path_to_the_folder is the place of the folder which we created

Now you can open the the .iso file as a normal CD/DVD inside the Drive.
To unmount the image file from the location use

umount /media/folder_name

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