Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cracking Anti-Virus

what is the use of an Anti-Virus ? How can they protect us from vulnerabilities? Many people don't know what is an Anti-Virus and the role of Anti-Virus. So , they install Anti-Virus on their PCs to protect from viruses. It's good , but they never think to update them. They think “ we have installed an Anti-Virus, we are protected.” but the truth is if the Anti-Virus database is older from 1 second ; it will be dangerous because in every second there are several new viruses joins to the Internet.

Another fact is many people don't like to use free softwares. It's same to about Anti-Viruses. They think free Anti-Virus s will not do their job perfectly and they will not identify viruses. So, they depend on commercial Anti-Virus s. But they never buy any commercial version from the original dealer with license. They use cracking and key-gens to install and register the Anti-Virus. Then how could we expect the actual protection from the original licensed software? There are several holes that cracker or key-gen maker created in the Anti-Virus to ease their several works using our PCs.

Although we update the Anti-Virus database , the Anti-Virus database couldn't find some vulnerabilities due to the holes in the Anti-Virus. Then our PC will be used for DoS, DDoS attacks or as a Zombie.

After they identify there are several viruses and vulnerabilities , they blame to the Original Anti-Virus Manufacturer and change their Anti-Virus to another commercial Anti-Virus, but again it's a pirated copy. Then they use that Anti-Virus till they find their PC contains many viruses and vulnerabilities. Then change the Anti-Virus.

Why people can't use free Anti-Virus softwares that provided by many manufacturers. They provide enough security for the PC, and it's better than using pirated commercial Anti-Virus softwares.

Posted by : Roshan Herath [ roshanherath ]

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