Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Divide php / MySQL result in to several pages with links

When I design a website I had to use a database inside the site. So I used MySQL database and used php/
MySQL to connect it. Then I got the result via mysql_fetch_array , it shows all results inside the same
page. It's not what I wanted to do. I want to divide the results in to pages and use links to show
I tried to write php commands to succeed my work and I understood it's very hard to write such a program.
So , I ran through the Internet to get php codes to do my work. I found several files that I could use to
my site. But when I try to use them in my site, it I found it's difficult to use them with my site and I
couldn't understand what's the wrong and what happens by/with some codes.
So, I decided to write a code to use in my site. Here it is... You could develop/share and use it as your
own wish. If there is any bug, please correct it and be kind enough to inform me via comment.

posted by K.W. Roshan Herath [ roshanherath ]

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